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Commercial Taxes dept detects use of multiple QR codes by hoteliers to evade tax

Oct 9, 2023

The vigilance wing of the Commercial Taxes department in Bengaluru has uncovered hoteliers using 30 QR codes to evade taxes and suppress actual turnovers. The search operation also discovered Rs 1.47 crore cash at the residence of one of the proprietors. The hoteliers were engaged in the supply of biriyani and non-vegetarian items, and they were receiving payments through multiple UPI accounts to hide their actual turnovers and avoid issuing tax invoices. Income Tax officials have initiated proceedings regarding the cash found.

The vigilance wing of the Commercial Taxes department unearthed some hoteliers who were using 30 QR codes to suppress actual turnovers and evade taxes. The search operation also led to the detection of Rs 1.47 crore cash from the residence of one of the proprietors.

In a statement on Monday, the Commissioner of Commercial Taxes (Karnataka), C Shikha said the Vigilance wing conducted searches in Hoskote, Bengaluru Rural District and successfully unearthed the modus operandi used by some hoteliers wherein suppression of GST turnovers was detected.

After conducting multiple surveys and reconnaissance, searches were made by a team of 50 officers at the business premises and residences of such hoteliers who were mainly engaged in supply of biriyani and other non-vegetarian items, she said.

"The modus operandi is receiving payments by using numerous UPI accounts (in addition to cash) and constantly changing the UPI accounts, so that the actual turnovers are suppressed and taxes are evaded. The hoteliers involved were not issuing tax invoices/ bill of sale for supply of food items and proper books of accounts were not maintained. In one case, 30 numbers of QR codes were found," Shikha said in the statement.

During the search, in one of the residences of a proprietor, around Rs. 1.47 crore cash was found. Income Tax officials were immediately intimated who in turn have initiated proceedings, she added.

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