Puducherry, January 31, 2018

E-way bill is mandatory for transport of taxable goods exceeding the value of Rs 50,000 from tomorrow, a Puducherry official said today.

Under the Goods and Services Tax, inter-state transportation of goods beyond 10 km, with a value of Rs 50,000 and above, will mandatorily require e-way bill from February 1. The e-way bill system was introduced on trial basis in the Union Territory of Puducherry from January 16 to 31 as per the order of the government, Commissioner of Commercial Taxes Department (Puducherry government), G.Srinivas said in a release here.

During the trial period, 1,732 dealers and transporters registered themselves in the E-way portal and 5,745 e-way bills were generated through the portal. E-way bill is compulsory for goods sent for job work from one state to another irrespective of the value of the consignment transported. Srinivas said the dealer or transporter may also generate the E-way bill on voluntary basis even if the value of goods transported is below Rs 50,000. It can be generated by the supplier, recipient or the transporter.

[The Financial Express]