Mumbai, November 23, 2017

ARC should be in compliance with net owned fund requirement of Rs 100 crore on an ongoing basis

Earlier ARCs could convert a portion of the debt into equity of the borrower company to the extent of 26% of the revamped equity capital.

However, RBI in a notification today said, "ARCs with net owned fund (NOF) of Rs 100 crore on an ongoing basis are exempted from the shareholding cap at 26% of post- converted equity of the borrower company".

But the regulator did not specify the new sharing limit post-debt conversion.

All ARCs with at least half of the directors, including independent directors, are also exempted from the 26% shareholding cap in the borrower firm.

The central bank also asked the boards of ARCs to frame a policy for converting debt into equity, under which it prefers a committee comprising mostly independent directors to take a call on such matters.

The equity shares acquired under the scheme shall be periodically valued and marked-to-market and the frequency of valuation shall be at least once a month, the central bank notification said.

[The Business Standard]