New Delhi, October 28, 2017

President Ram Nath Kovind today said that as India is a country of diverse languages, the High Court judgements should be translated into local and regional languages.

“High Courts deliver judgement in English but we are a country of diverse languages,” the president said according to ANI, while adding, “litigant may not be conversant with English.” Kovind made these remarks while addressing in Kochi. He said a system should be evolved where certified translated copies of judgement are made available by High Courts in local and regional languages.

The president said that taking justice to the people is important but making it understandable to litigating parties in a language they know also carries significance. “Delay in the delivery of justice is a pressing concern,” he added, as per The Hindu.

Earlier addressing in Thiruvananthapuram, President Ram Nath Kovind has said the future of the country’s economy and employment creation depends heavily on the success the nation achieves with Digital India. Terming Information Technology as “a force multiplier” for the entire service economy, Kovind said it has played a game-changing role in health-care, education, tourism and many other industries. “The future of our economy and of our employment creation is heavily dependent on the success we achieve with Digital India,” Kovind said after launching the Kerala government’s ambitious Technocity project near here, as per PTI report. The jobs of tomorrow would come more and more from digital services and other opportunities that are derived from the Internet, he said.

Pointing out Kerala’s potential and growth in the digital sector, he said it is one of India s most connected states, with among the highest rates of mobile phone penetration.”Kerala is potentially a power-house of Digital India. I understand that the government is making efforts to bridge the digital divide and provide free Internet connections to two million poorer families by using a new optic fiber network,” he said.

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