New Delhi, July 12, 2017

If you think a restaurant has charged you more money for food in the name of GST or a cab driver has asked for extra buck for his services, you can now check the exact amount you need to pay on a mobile app launched by the government.

The finance ministry Wednesday launched 'GST Rate Finder' app that can be downloaded on all android mobile phones. It will soon be available for Apple phones too.

To install 'GST Rate Finder', a user of Android mobile has to first open Google play store and in the search option type GST Rate Finder. There may be many more apps available with similar names. The user has to download the app with CBEC Logo.

Once downloaded and installed, the icon will appear on the screen of the mobile. The mobile app is ready to operate. The app will also operate in off-line mode.

After clicking the icon, the home screen will appear on which the user can search for any goods and services by typing the name or chapter heading of the commodity or services.

For example, if a user is searching for taxi related services then type taxi in the Quick Search. This search will provide the list of goods and services containing the name "taxi". The user may scroll the list and click on the specific category whichhe or she is searching. On one click, a window will pop-up.

This window will contain details like “GST rate”, “Chapter heading of the HSN”, and description of services. If still the user is not satisfied then a link of CBEC website is available on the home screen. This link will open the GST page of the CBEC website. The details are available on this website.

If the user is aware of the chapter heading or the HSN Code then the specific HSN code can be typed in Quick search box and the user can immediately see the specific description.

“For example, any person who has been billed by a hotel or restaurant and he thinks it is not correct, he can cross verify the rates through this mobile app. It applies for all goods and all services under GST,” Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia said the GST Master class.

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