A Chartered Accountant (CA) offers invaluable services to the economy as a whole. In order to fulfil his duty efficiently, he must keep track of every change that takes place in various laws. There is tremendous amount of matter to be studied on a routine basis.

CAalley aims at easing the stress in the professional life of a CA. Instead of searching through innumerable stacks of journals or going on a searching spree on the Net, you will get all the relevant material right here at CAalley.

Though we started with focusing on Indian CAs, other professionals like CSs, CWAs, MBAs and the like have also found value in CAalley and have become our regular visitors. Professionals across India visit CAalley regularly to stay updated on the latest developments in their relevant fields.

We have put up notifications, accounting standards, auditing standards, CA's Referencer,guidance notes, useful forms, et all.  We have also added useful reference material from international sources like IASB as well. And what's more... it's all for FREE!!

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There is also a recruitment section which will provide the best of the available opportunities to job seekers. Employers will also get the right candidate for their manpower requirements. 

For those who wish to market their products/services amongst the Chartered Accountants' community, there couldn't be a better and more cost-effective advertising option than CAalley! 

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Though we have managed to position ourselves quite well within the Chartered Accountants' community, numerous other finance professionals have also appreciated the content and style of CAalley.

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